Jadwal BRI Liga 1 Pekan 20 Live di Indosiar dan Vidio, 23-27 November 2023

Title: Jadwal BRI Liga 1 Pekan 20: Live di Indosiar dan Vidio, 23-27 November 2023


The BRI Liga 1 is Indonesia’s premier football league, featuring some of the best teams and players in the country. As the league reaches its 20th week, football enthusiasts and fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming matches scheduled to be broadcasted live on Indosiar and Vidio from 23-27 November 2023. This article will provide an overview of the fixtures and highlight the excitement surrounding these games.

Matchday Schedule

Matchday 20 promises to be a thrilling week as some of the top teams in the league face off against each other. The schedule is as follows:

1. Tuesday, 23 November 2023:
– Match 1: Persija Jakarta vs. Arema FC (Kick-off: 19:00 WIB)
– Match 2: Bali United vs. Persela Lamongan (Kick-off: 21:00 WIB)

2. Wednesday, 24 November 2023:
– Match 3: PSM Makassar vs. Persib Bandung (Kick-off: 19:00 WIB)
– Match 4: Madura United vs. PSIS Semarang (Kick-off: 21:00 WIB)

3. Thursday, 25 November 2023:
– Match 5: Bhayangkara Solo FC vs. Persipura Jayapura (Kick-off: 19:00 WIB)
– Match 6: PSMS Medan vs. Persebaya Surabaya (Kick-off: 21:00 WIB)

4. Friday, 26 November 2023:
– Match 7: Persita Tangerang vs. Barito Putera (Kick-off: 19:00 WIB)
– Match 8: Persiraja Banda Aceh vs. Persik Kediri (Kick-off: 21:00 WIB)

5. Saturday, 27 November 2023:
– Match 9: Persipare Parepare vs. Persija Jakarta (Kick-off: 19:00 WIB)
– Match 10: Persela Lamongan vs. Bali United (Kick-off: 21:00 WIB)

Key Matches to Watch

1. Persija Jakarta vs. Arema FC:
This match features two traditional powerhouses of Indonesian football. Persija Jakarta, the reigning champions, will look to maintain their dominance against a formidable Arema FC side. Expect a fierce battle between these two teams.

2. Bali United vs. Persela Lamongan:
Bali United has been one of the standout teams this season, showcasing their attacking prowess. However, Persela Lamongan has proven to be a tough opponent in previous encounters. This clash promises a spectacle of skill and strategy.

3. PSM Makassar vs. Persib Bandung:
PSM Makassar and Persib Bandung are two teams known for their passionate fan bases and rich football history. Expect a high-intensity match as both sides vie for crucial points to strengthen their position in the league standings.

4. Bhayangkara Solo FC vs. Persipura Jayapura:
Bhayangkara Solo FC and Persipura Jayapura are determined to climb the league ladder. Both teams possess talented players and tactical acumen, making this match a must-watch for fans seeking an entertaining contest.


The BRI Liga 1 Pekan 20 offers an exciting lineup of matches that football enthusiasts and fans cannot afford to miss. From traditional rivalries to clashes between in-form teams, every game promises a thrilling and intense battle on the field. Indosiar and Vidio will be broadcasting the matches live, allowing fans to witness the action from the comfort of their homes. So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the passion and excitement of Indonesian football as the league reaches its 20th week.