Xavi Sayangkan Barcelona Kurang Tenang

Xavi Hernandez, the former Barcelona player and current coach of Al Sadd, has expressed his disappointment with the lack of composure shown by his former club in recent matches. Barcelona has been struggling to find their rhythm this season, with inconsistent performances and underwhelming results.

In a recent interview, Xavi said, “Barcelona is a great club with talented players, but they seem to lack the calmness and focus needed to succeed at the highest level. They are making too many mistakes and not playing with the confidence and composure that we expect from a team of their caliber.”

Xavi’s comments come after Barcelona’s recent defeat to Real Madrid in El Clasico, where they squandered a lead and lost the match in the dying minutes. The team has also struggled in other matches, failing to break down stubborn defenses and lacking the cutting edge in front of goal.

As a former player who spent the majority of his career at Barcelona, Xavi knows what it takes to succeed at the club. Known for his exceptional passing ability and tactical understanding of the game, Xavi was a key part of the Barcelona team that dominated European football in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

Xavi’s success as a coach at Al Sadd has also been impressive, with the team winning domestic titles and competing well in Asian competitions. His coaching philosophy emphasizes possession-based football and intelligent decision-making on the pitch, qualities that he believes Barcelona is currently lacking.

It remains to be seen whether Xavi’s comments will have any impact on Barcelona’s performances in the coming weeks. The team is currently in a period of transition, with new players being integrated into the squad and a new coach at the helm. However, Xavi’s words serve as a reminder of the high standards expected at Barcelona and the need for the players to show more composure and confidence on the pitch.

Ultimately, Barcelona will need to improve their performances if they are to challenge for silverware this season. With Xavi keeping a close eye on his former club, the players will be aware of the need to step up their game and show the kind of calmness and focus that he believes is currently lacking.