Terusir dari Stadion Manahan selama Piala Dunia U-17 2023, Persis Cari Tempat Mengungsi untuk Tiga Laga Kandang di BRI Liga 1

Persis Solo, a well-known football club in Indonesia, is facing a challenging situation as they have been forced to leave their home ground, Stadion Manahan, during the U-17 World Cup 2023. This has left the team scrambling to find a temporary shelter for their three home matches in the BRI Liga 1.

Stadion Manahan, located in Solo City, Central Java, is the home stadium for Persis Solo. However, due to the U-17 World Cup, the stadium will be occupied by international teams and will not be available for Persis Solo’s league matches. This has left the club in a difficult situation, as they now need to find an alternative venue to host their home games.

Finding a suitable replacement venue is not an easy task, as Persis Solo has a large and passionate fan base that expects to support the team in their matches. The club management has been diligently searching for a new location that can accommodate the team as well as their supporters.

Several options are being considered, including other stadiums within the region. Stadion Manahan in Karanganyar, Stadion Sriwedari in Surakarta, and Stadion Gelora Bumi Kartasura are among the potential venues. The club is also exploring the possibility of playing their home games in other cities, such as Yogyakarta or Semarang, which are nearby and have suitable stadiums available.

However, the decision to play home matches away from Solo comes with its own set of challenges. Persis Solo has a strong connection with their hometown, and playing in a different city might affect the team’s performance and fan attendance. It will be essential for the club to communicate effectively with their supporters and ensure that they are aware of the temporary relocation.

Despite the difficulties, Persis Solo remains determined to find a suitable venue and continue their campaign in the BRI Liga 1. The team is confident that they can adapt to the circumstances and maintain their performance on the field. The players are focused on giving their best in every match, regardless of the location.

The club management is also working hard to ensure that the supporters can still attend the matches and cheer for their beloved team. Transportation arrangements and communication channels will be established to facilitate the fans’ journey to the alternative stadiums. Persis Solo is committed to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere, even when playing away from home.

The temporary relocation of Persis Solo for their home matches in the BRI Liga 1 is undoubtedly a challenge. However, it also presents an opportunity for the team to demonstrate their resilience and determination. The players and fans alike will need to show their support and unity during this challenging period.

The journey may be tough, but Persis Solo’s spirit remains unwavering. With determination and support from their loyal fans, the team will strive to achieve success in the BRI Liga 1, regardless of the venue.