Tangani 2 Timnas Indonesia, Shin Tae-yong Kelelahan Tempuh Perjalanan Solo-Surabaya

Shin Tae-yong, the head coach of the Indonesian National Team, has been facing a tough challenge recently. After being appointed as the head coach in January 2020, Shin has been tirelessly working to improve the performance of the national team. However, the recent schedule of the team has taken a toll on him.

The Indonesian National Team had to travel from Solo to Surabaya for their training camp. This journey, which is usually a short flight or a few hours’ drive, has become a tiresome and exhausting task for Shin. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the team had to take a long and arduous road trip instead of opting for a convenient flight.

The journey from Solo to Surabaya is approximately 300 kilometers, and it usually takes around 5-6 hours by road. However, the team had to travel for more than 12 hours due to the traffic congestion and various other factors. This long and tiring journey has not only affected the players but also the head coach.

Shin Tae-yong, who is known for his dedication and commitment to the team, has been pushing himself to the limit. The journey from Solo to Surabaya has left him exhausted, but he continues to give his best to the team. His determination and passion for the game are commendable, considering the challenging circumstances he is facing.

The head coach’s role is crucial in shaping the team’s performance and strategy. Shin’s extensive experience and tactical knowledge have been beneficial for the Indonesian National Team. Under his guidance, the team has shown improvement and has managed to secure some impressive victories.

However, it is essential to acknowledge the toll that such a grueling journey can have on both the players and the coaching staff. The physical and mental exhaustion can hamper their performance and affect their overall morale. Therefore, it is crucial that the team management and the football association take necessary steps to ensure the well-being of the team.

Efforts should be made to minimize such long journeys and provide the team with the necessary resources to cope with the challenges they face. Adequate rest, recovery facilities, and proper training infrastructure are essential for the team’s progress.

Shin Tae-yong’s dedication and commitment to the Indonesian National Team are commendable. Despite the challenges he faces, he continues to push himself and strive for excellence. It is essential for the team management and the football association to recognize and address the difficulties faced by the team and provide them with the necessary support to excel on the field.

The journey from Solo to Surabaya may have been exhausting, but it should serve as a reminder of the determination and resilience of the Indonesian National Team. With proper support and resources, they can overcome any challenge and achieve success under the guidance of Shin Tae-yong.