Spalletti Masih Punya Banyak PR di Timnas Italia

Roberto Mancini has done a commendable job with the Italian national team since taking over as head coach in 2018. Under his guidance, the Azzurri have undergone a remarkable transformation and are now considered one of the top teams in international football once again. However, there is one area where Mancini’s predecessor, Luciano Spalletti, still has some unfinished business – the defense.

During Spalletti’s tenure as head coach of Inter Milan, he built a reputation for his defensive organization and discipline. His teams were notoriously difficult to break down and often relied on their solid defensive structure to grind out results. This approach served him well at the club level, but it seems that he has yet to find the right formula for the Italian national team.

While Mancini has implemented an attacking and possession-based style of play, the defensive frailties of the Italian team have been exposed on several occasions. In their recent Euro 2020 match against Switzerland, the Azzurri conceded their first goal in 1,168 minutes of football, highlighting the need for improvement at the back.

Spalletti’s expertise in defensive organization could prove invaluable in shoring up the Italian defense. His meticulous attention to detail and emphasis on defensive solidity could help address some of the issues that have plagued the team in recent matches. With his knowledge and experience, Spalletti could provide the necessary guidance to make the Italian defense as impenetrable as it was during his time at Inter Milan.

Furthermore, Spalletti’s ability to get the best out of his players could also benefit the national team. He has a track record of developing and improving young talents, such as Nicolo Barella and Alessandro Bastoni, both of whom have become key players for Inter Milan under his guidance. If given the opportunity, Spalletti could help unlock the full potential of the Italian defenders and mold them into a formidable unit.

However, it is important to note that Mancini has done an exceptional job with the Italian national team and should be credited for their recent success. His attacking approach has revitalized the team and brought back a sense of excitement and flair to Italian football. The Azzurri are now a force to be reckoned with, and much of this is due to Mancini’s vision and leadership.

Nonetheless, there is always room for improvement, and Spalletti’s expertise in defensive organization could be the missing piece of the puzzle for the Italian national team. As they continue their journey in Euro 2020 and beyond, addressing their defensive issues will be crucial for their success. Luciano Spalletti still has a lot to offer, and his involvement in the Italian national team could prove to be the missing link in their pursuit of glory.