Persib Pulangkan Henhen Herdiana, Kirim Anak Buah Shin Tae-yong ke Dewa United

Persib Bandung, one of the most popular football clubs in Indonesia, has recently made a significant decision regarding their coaching staff. The club has decided to bring back Henhen Herdiana, a former player and coach of the team, and send some of their assistant coaches to support Dewa United, a newly promoted team in the Indonesian Liga 1.

Henhen Herdiana, a former midfielder for Persib, is no stranger to the club. He played for Persib for several years and was known for his skill, determination, and leadership on the field. After retiring from his playing career, Herdiana transitioned into coaching and had a successful stint as one of Persib’s assistant coaches.

However, in a surprising move, Herdiana was let go by Persib in 2019 due to differences with the coaching staff at that time. His departure was met with disappointment by many Persib fans, who considered him a beloved figure at the club. Now, Persib has decided to rectify their previous decision and bring Herdiana back into the fold.

The decision to bring back Herdiana is seen as a strategic move by Persib’s management. His experience as a player and coach, combined with his deep understanding of the club’s traditions and culture, make him a valuable addition to the coaching staff. Persib is currently going through a transitional period, with a new head coach, Shin Tae-yong, taking charge. Herdiana’s presence will provide stability and continuity, helping to bridge the gap between the old and new coaching staff.

Meanwhile, Persib’s decision to send some of their assistant coaches to support Dewa United is a testament to the club’s commitment to the development of Indonesian football as a whole. Dewa United, a team based in Banten, was recently promoted to the Liga 1, the top-tier league in Indonesian football. By lending their expertise and resources to Dewa United, Persib aims to help the team establish themselves in the league and contribute to the growth of football in the region.

This move by Persib has been met with mixed reactions from fans and pundits. While some applaud the club’s decision to bring back Herdiana and support Dewa United, others question whether it is the right move. Critics argue that Persib should focus on strengthening their own squad and coaching staff, rather than diverting resources to other teams.

However, Persib’s management remains confident in their decision. They believe that Herdiana’s return and the support given to Dewa United will ultimately benefit Persib in the long run. By investing in the development of Indonesian football as a whole, Persib aims to create a stronger and more competitive domestic league, which will ultimately benefit all clubs involved.

Only time will tell if Persib’s decision will pay off. For now, Persib fans eagerly await the return of Henhen Herdiana and the start of the new Liga 1 season, hoping that these moves will bring success and glory to their beloved club.