Nova Arianto Panggil 36 Pemain

Nova Arianto, the head coach of a local football club, has recently called up 36 players for the upcoming season. The decision to call up such a large number of players has raised eyebrows among fans and pundits alike, with many questioning the rationale behind the selection.

Nova Arianto has defended his decision, stating that he wants to have a deep squad to ensure that the team can compete effectively in multiple competitions. With a packed schedule ahead, including league matches, cup competitions, and potentially even continental tournaments, Nova believes that having a large pool of players to choose from will give him the flexibility to rotate the squad and keep players fresh throughout the season.

The 36 players called up include a mix of experienced veterans, promising youngsters, and some new signings. Nova has stated that he wants to create healthy competition for places within the squad, pushing players to perform at their best in order to secure a spot in the starting lineup.

Some fans have expressed concern that having such a large squad could lead to discontent among players who may not get as much playing time as they would like. However, Nova has emphasized the importance of squad depth in modern football, where injuries and suspensions can quickly derail a team’s season.

It remains to be seen how Nova will manage such a large squad and whether he will be able to keep all players happy and motivated throughout the season. However, with his track record of success and tactical acumen, many fans are hopeful that Nova’s decision to call up 36 players will ultimately prove to be a wise one.

As the new season approaches, all eyes will be on Nova Arianto and his squad as they look to make an impact and achieve success on the pitch. Only time will tell whether the decision to call up 36 players was the right one, but one thing is for certain – Nova Arianto is not afraid to think outside the box and make bold decisions in pursuit of glory.