Fernando Valente Coba Hilangkan Ketergantungan Arema FC kepada Gustavo Almeida

Arema FC, one of the most successful football clubs in Indonesia, has been heavily dependent on their star player Gustavo Almeida. The Brazilian striker has been the driving force behind the team’s success in recent years, leading them to multiple trophies and titles. However, this heavy reliance on Almeida has also posed a significant problem for the club.

Fernando Valente Coba, the head coach of Arema FC, understands the importance of having a diverse and balanced team. He knows that relying too heavily on one player can create a sense of dependency, making the team vulnerable if that player gets injured or underperforms. Therefore, Coba has been working on a strategy to reduce the team’s dependence on Almeida and develop a stronger collective unit.

Coba believes that in order to achieve sustainable success, Arema FC needs to build a team that can perform well even when their star player is not at his best. This means focusing on the development of other talented players and creating a system that is not solely dependent on one individual. The coach has been identifying and nurturing young talents within the club, providing them with opportunities to showcase their skills and gain experience.

Additionally, Coba has been implementing a tactical approach that emphasizes teamwork and collective effort. He has been working on creating a fluid and dynamic playing style that allows multiple players to contribute to the team’s success. This has resulted in improved performances from players who were previously overshadowed by Almeida’s brilliance.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also presented an opportunity for Coba to reduce the team’s reliance on Almeida. With the suspension of football leagues worldwide, Arema FC had to adapt and find alternatives to maintain their players’ fitness and skills. This period allowed Coba to work on team building and develop a more cohesive unit that is not solely dependent on one player.

Coba’s strategy seems to be paying off, as Arema FC has shown promising performances even without Almeida on the pitch. Other players have stepped up and taken on more responsibility, showing that they are capable of performing at a high level. This newfound self-belief and collective effort have instilled a sense of confidence in the team, making them less reliant on their star striker.

While Almeida’s contributions to the team cannot be overlooked, it is essential for Arema FC to reduce their dependency on him. By creating a more balanced and diversified team, they can improve their chances of sustained success in the long run. Coba’s efforts to nurture young talents and foster a collective playing style are steps in the right direction. Arema FC is slowly but surely breaking free from their reliance on Gustavo Almeida and becoming a stronger force in Indonesian football.