Duo Ducati Bikin Comeback Sip di MotoGP Mandalika 2023

Ducati, one of the most iconic motorcycle brands in the world, is set to make a comeback in the MotoGP racing circuit in 2023. The Italian manufacturer has announced its partnership with Duo, a technology company specializing in electric mobility, to develop a new electric motorcycle for the MotoGP Mandalika event.

The return of Ducati to MotoGP has been highly anticipated by fans and enthusiasts alike. The brand has a rich history in motorcycle racing, with numerous victories and championships under its belt. Ducati’s MotoGP team has been absent from the racing circuit since 2010, when it decided to focus on the development of its road-going motorcycles.

The partnership with Duo is an exciting development for Ducati. Duo is known for its expertise in electric mobility, having developed a range of electric scooters and motorcycles. Together, Ducati and Duo aim to create a competitive and high-performance electric motorcycle that will showcase the brand’s engineering prowess.

The MotoGP Mandalika event, scheduled for 2023, will be held in Indonesia. The race will take place on the Mandalika street circuit, a newly constructed track located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The race is expected to attract millions of spectators from around the world, as well as top riders and teams from the MotoGP championship.

The decision to develop an electric motorcycle for the MotoGP Mandalika event is in line with the growing trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly racing. Electric motorcycles have gained popularity in recent years, with major manufacturers investing heavily in their development. The MotoGP Mandalika event will provide an excellent platform for Ducati to showcase its electric motorcycle technology and compete with other manufacturers in this emerging market.

Ducati’s return to MotoGP is not only significant for the brand but also for the racing circuit as a whole. The addition of another top-tier manufacturer will add to the competitiveness and excitement of the championship. Ducati has a strong track record in MotoGP, with multiple world championships and a reputation for producing high-performance motorcycles. The brand’s return will surely spice up the competition and attract even more fans to the sport.

Fans and enthusiasts can expect a thrilling comeback from Ducati in the MotoGP Mandalika event in 2023. The brand’s partnership with Duo and the development of an electric motorcycle demonstrate Ducati’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. With their rich racing heritage and engineering excellence, Ducati is poised to make a strong comeback and leave a lasting impression on the MotoGP circuit.