BRI Liga 1: Merasa Dikerjai, PSS Sleman Akan Ajukan Protes ke Komite Wasit PSSI

PSS Sleman, one of the top football clubs in Liga 1, is planning to file a protest with the Referee Committee of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) after feeling unfairly treated in recent matches. The club believes that they have been on the receiving end of several questionable decisions made by match officials.

Liga 1, also known as the BRI Liga 1 due to its sponsorship by Bank Rakyat Indonesia, is the top-tier football league in Indonesia. PSS Sleman, based in Sleman, Yogyakarta, is a historically successful club with a passionate fan base. However, their recent experiences with refereeing decisions have left them frustrated and feeling as though they are being targeted.

In their most recent match against Persita Tangerang, PSS Sleman had a goal disallowed due to an offside call that the team believes was incorrect. The decision had a significant impact on the outcome of the match, as PSS Sleman ended up losing 1-0. This was not the first time that the club has felt aggrieved by refereeing decisions this season.

The club’s management has decided to take action by filing a protest with the Referee Committee of PSSI, the governing body of Indonesian football. The aim is to highlight the perceived injustices that PSS Sleman has faced and to seek a fair assessment of the incidents in question.

PSS Sleman’s decision to protest is not simply a knee-jerk reaction to a single incident. The club has compiled a dossier of questionable decisions that they believe have impacted their season. This includes not only goals being disallowed but also penalties not given and yellow cards not shown to opposing players.

The protest is not meant to undermine the integrity of the referees or the league but rather to ensure that fair play is maintained. PSS Sleman acknowledges the difficulty of refereeing and the challenges that come with making split-second decisions on the field. However, they also believe that mistakes should be rectified and that the integrity of the game should not be compromised.

The Referee Committee of PSSI holds the responsibility of overseeing the performance of referees and ensuring fair play in Liga 1 matches. It is within their jurisdiction to review and evaluate the incidents raised by PSS Sleman. The club hopes that their protest will lead to a fair assessment of the decisions that have been made against them.

PSS Sleman’s decision to file a protest is a bold move that shows their commitment to upholding fair play and their determination to rectify what they believe to be unjust treatment. It is a call for accountability and a plea for justice within Indonesian football.

As the protest unfolds, football fans across the country will be watching closely to see how the Referee Committee responds. It is an opportunity for the committee to address any concerns raised by PSS Sleman and to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of officiating in Liga 1.

Ultimately, the protest by PSS Sleman serves as a reminder that fair play should always be the top priority in football. Regardless of the outcome, the club’s actions have brought attention to the importance of ensuring that the rules of the game are upheld and that all teams are given an equal and fair chance to succeed.