Bertabur Bintang! Launching Kalteng Putra Diiringi Ambisi Promosi ke BRI Liga 1

Bertabur Bintang! Launching Kalteng Putra Diiringi Ambisi Promosi ke BRI Liga 1

Kalteng Putra, a football club from Central Kalimantan, has been making waves in the Indonesian football scene. With a strong line-up of star players, the team is determined to make their mark in the BRI Liga 1 and secure a promotion to the top tier of Indonesian football.

The club’s official launching event, dubbed “Bertabur Bintang” or “Studded with Stars,” was a grand affair that drew attention from football enthusiasts nationwide. The event showcased the team’s new jerseys, introduced the players, and revealed their ambitious plans for the upcoming season.

One of the key players in Kalteng Putra’s line-up is Lerby Eliandry, a seasoned midfielder who was previously with Persib Bandung. Eliandry brings a wealth of experience to the team and is expected to be a driving force in their bid for promotion. His presence alone has already garnered attention and raised the club’s profile.

Another notable addition to the team is Samsul Arifin, a forward who has previously played for Mitra Kukar and Persija Jakarta. Arifin’s goal-scoring ability and agility on the field make him a valuable asset for Kalteng Putra. With his skills, the team hopes to dominate their opponents and secure victories in the upcoming season.

The club’s ambition to secure a promotion to the BRI Liga 1 is no easy task. The competition is fierce, with many strong teams vying for the same goal. However, Kalteng Putra is determined to prove themselves and make their mark in Indonesian football.

To support their ambitions, the club has also invested in infrastructure and facilities. They have upgraded their training facilities to provide a conducive environment for the players to develop their skills. Additionally, the club has also been actively scouting for young talents to nurture and strengthen their squad.

The local government and fans have also rallied behind Kalteng Putra, showing their support and enthusiasm for the team. The club has gained a strong following, and their matches are often packed with passionate supporters. This kind of support is crucial in boosting the morale of the players and creating a positive atmosphere both on and off the field.

With their star-studded line-up, determination, and support from the fans, Kalteng Putra is ready to take on the challenge of the BRI Liga 1. The upcoming season promises to be an exciting one for the team and their supporters. Football enthusiasts across the country will be eagerly watching as Kalteng Putra strives to achieve their goal of promotion and make a name for themselves in Indonesian football.