10 Data-Fakta Manchester City Vs Liverpool

Manchester City vs Liverpool has become one of the most highly anticipated matches in recent years. Both teams have established themselves as powerhouses in English football, consistently challenging for the top honors. As a result, there are numerous interesting data facts surrounding their encounters. Here are 10 data facts about the Manchester City vs Liverpool rivalry:

1. Total Matches Played: Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, Manchester City and Liverpool have faced each other 48 times in the league.

2. Head-to-Head Record: Out of those 48 matches, Liverpool has emerged victorious 24 times, while Manchester City has won on 10 occasions. The remaining 14 matches ended in a draw.

3. Goal Fest: Matches between these two sides are known for their high-scoring nature. In their 48 encounters, a total of 166 goals have been scored, averaging to 3.5 goals per game.

4. Biggest Win: Liverpool’s biggest win over Manchester City came in September 2017 when they thrashed City 5-0 at the Etihad Stadium.

5. Title Deciders: Both teams have been involved in title-deciding matches against each other in recent years. In the 2013-14 season, Liverpool’s 3-2 defeat to Manchester City proved costly as City went on to win the league by two points.

6. Most Goals Scored: Sergio Aguero holds the record for the most goals scored in matches between Manchester City and Liverpool. The Argentine striker has found the back of the net 12 times against the Reds.

7. Highest Attendance: The highest attendance for a Manchester City vs Liverpool match was recorded in September 2012 when 47,351 spectators witnessed the game at Anfield.

8. Penalty Showdown: Penalty shootouts have also been a part of their rivalry. In the 2016 Football League Cup final, Manchester City emerged victorious after a penalty shootout, winning 3-1.

9. Late Drama: Dramatic late goals have been a common theme in matches between these two sides. In the 2014-15 season, Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho scored a last-minute winner to secure a 2-1 victory at Anfield.

10. Guardiola vs Klopp: The rivalry between Manchester City and Liverpool has also been a battle of managerial masterminds. Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have faced each other 17 times, with Klopp leading the head-to-head record with 8 victories, compared to Guardiola’s 6.

In conclusion, the Manchester City vs Liverpool rivalry is a fascinating clash of two footballing giants. With high-scoring matches, late drama, and title-deciding encounters, this fixture never fails to disappoint. As fans eagerly await their next meeting, these data facts only add to the excitement and anticipation surrounding this captivating rivalry.